Course on the Scientific Analysis of Gestures and Postures

In this advanced course, you will learn: advanced facial decoding and the analysis of gestural motor behavior, as well as video analysis and direct observation procedures. This is a practical and intensive course after which the participants will be able to:



the reliable interpretation schemes to read facial and body language;



the Body Coding System, a body language analysis technique that consists of the classification and interpretation of movements;



the interpretation schemes of facial, gestural and paraverbal aspects;


guidelines and protocols for the application of the analysis techniques for lie detection.

Schedule of the courses

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Course Program

ISFE Technique

  • Structuration of reliable interpretational schemes for facial analysis;
  • Classification of movements in relevant categories according to their degree of emotional reliability;
  • Differentiation of conversational signs from emotional ones;
  • Implementation of interpretative structures for complex expressions;
  • Exercises with all types of soft, muffled micro expressions through the use of interpretive schemes;
  • Final exam: picture and video analysis using the ISFE technique.

Body Coding System Technique

  • Identification of the gestural motor behavior units;
  • Analysis of the gestural motor behavior channels;
  • Identification of universal emotional micro movements;
  • Identification of thoughts’ direction with the analysis of illustrators;
  • Exercises for the identification and interpretation of postural and gestural motor behavior;
  • Final exam: picture and video analysis using the Body Coding System technique;
  • Learning the different nonverbal channels and guidelines for the analysis procedure;
  • Integration of all information derived from nonverbal channels;
  • Comparison of verbal and nonverbal behavior analysis;
  • Identification of inconsistencies between the different verbal and nonverbal channels;
  • Preparation of the video analysis structure in order to recognize the reliability of statements;
  • Choice of the appropriate devices for direct observation.


We accept maximum 15 people per course in order to guarantee the quality of individual learning.


The teachers are behavioral analysts highly qualified in the analysis of nonverbal behavior, with a vast experience in the application of the analysis techniques in different domains such as the corporate, institutional and private business sectors.

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