Master’s in Behavioral Analysis.

Scientific Techniques and Methods of Verbal and Non-Verbal Analysis.

At the end, you will be able to...


people with greater precision and speed through the scientific analysis of verbal and non-verbal behavior.


adequately what is left unsaid thanks to the use of non-verbal analysis techniques and methods.


with scientific objectivity the meanings of all channels: facial expressions, gestures, postures, non-verbal aspects of voice, and word usage.


behavioral analysis techniques and methods in various practical areas.

Targeted and Tested Practical Exercises
During the training sessions, you will engage in numerous exercises focused on analyzing and interpreting behavior. You will apply this knowledge in practical situations.
Practical Applications in Specific Areas

Upon completing the program and passing the exams, you will be capable of applying behavioral analysis techniques and methods in specific fields such as the corporate sector (human resources, personnel selection, evaluation, leadership, coaching, neuromarketing), education (personal development, soft skills), forensic (investigation), and clinical (relational and behavioral issues in children, adolescents, and adults, autism).
Certification – Attestation
Exams to assess your proficiency in using various techniques and methodologies will be conducted during the courses. These exams are included in the course cost.
Theoretical-Scientific Component
We will provide a comprehensive theoretical explanation of how these techniques and methods work.


If you want to understand a person, observe their behavior.


  • 4 training sessions, each lasting 8 hours
  • 1 master class
  • Exercises on a dedicated platform, photos, and videos for behavior analysis
  • Online practice: once a month for 2 hours with the instructor for 10 months
  • Verification exams for analysis techniques and methods during the training sessions

Module 1

  • Techniques and methodologies for analyzing facial expressions
  • Objectives: participants will be able to apply facial coding techniques.
  • VERIFICATION EXAM for the use of facial analysis techniques, which will take place in the last hours of the course.

Module 2

  • Systems for analyzing gestural motor behavior.
  • Objectives: participants will integrate reading of the face and body. They will be able to analyze gestural motor behavior using professional techniques.
  • VERIFICATION EXAM for the use of gestural motor analysis techniques.

Module 3

  • Video analysis procedures and direct behavioral observation.
  • Objectives: intensive training where participants will learn video analysis tools and guidelines for direct observation.

Module 4

  • Advanced direct behavioral observation procedures and applications in specific sectors.
  • Objectives: participants will be able to apply advanced techniques in a specific sector: investigative, corporate, clinical, and education.
  • VERIFICATION EXAM for the use of direct non-verbal behavior observation techniques.

Module 5

  • Techniques and methods of verbal analysis.
  • Master class with one of the world’s leading experts in the field.
  • Objectives: allow participants to learn from and interact with international experts.


Certifications – attestations

During the 4 training sessions, exams will be conducted to assess proficiency in various non-verbal analysis techniques and methodologies.

Practical analysis exercises

In addition to the numerous practical exercises during the educational modules, participants have the opportunity to engage in supervised exercises with the instructor to refine and automate their analysis skills. Master’s degree participants also have free access to platform exercises, which include a wide range of videos and photos coded and decoded by expert analysts.


Each participant will have a dedicated educational tutor for issues and challenges related to their learning journey and practical experience in analysis.


NeuroComScience is a leader in Italy in this field. The instructors are highly specialized behavioral analysts with notable academic qualifications and extensive field experience. See their profiles on the About Us


Each participant receives individual support, and upon completing the master’s program, they have excellent expertise in techniques and methods. Master’s graduates are capable of making reliable interpretations of behavior, recognizing the meaning of facial, gestural, and paraverbal expressions.

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Notable companies and organizations choose NeuroComScience, including BMW, Cameo, Trelleborg, Gi Group, and Exs Italia.


👉 THE MASTER PROGRAM IS DELIVERED REMOTELY. The instructor connects with the participants.


For the training schedule, please contact us. We will respond promptly by providing you with the module calendar and assisting you in achieving your goals. It is advisable to provide your phone number for more efficient support.

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