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NeuroComScience is a research, consulting and training center for behavioral analysis, specialized in the analysis of nonverbal behavior. Important companies, organizations and institutions turn to NeuroComScience to apply scientific methods and techniques in order to interpret human behavior and ensure advantages in terms of precision, time and resource savings.

NeuroComScience applies these scientific techniques in different domains:

  1. The corporate sector: staff selection and evaluation, evaluation of employees’ motivation, assessment of company’s organizational environment, and leadership training. Companies that have used our services include: G Group-ExsItalia (recruitment), Academia BC C (banking sector), Doxa (market research), ARU (recruitment), Trelleborg (multinational corporation, industrial sector), Automarocchi (transportation).
  2. The security sector: identification of behaviors threatening public safety and analysis of information retrieved from investigative interviews. Some of our clients include: Italian Police-Ministry of Interior, Italian Militaries-Ministry of Defense.
  3. The educational and clinical environment: mental training for children with social skills problems, with autistic spectrum disorders, for children with no developmental disorder but with poor scholastic performances, and mental training for parents.

Power, Knowledge, Strength

In 2013 our lab won the first prize for the ongoing research project being realized at TechnoArea funded by Research Area of Trieste and Gorizia Chamber of Commerce.

NeuroComScience develops high-level experimental studies in the research laboratory equipped with a lab control room, micro cameras, video cameras and instruments for measuring physiological variations. Our company consults throughout the Italian peninsula and abroad. NCS collaborates with different Italian universities and has an agreement with the Life Science Department of the University of Trieste. Our lab supports university thesis and post-graduate research grants.

NeuroComScience Founder and CEO

Jasna Legiša

Jasna Legiša, Ph.D

Behavioral analyst in the corporate and institutional sector, Jasna introduced some applications of science-based nonverbal behavior analysis techniques, which are used today by numerous professionals, businesses and institutions. She was the first to introduce, in Italy, the scientific analysis of facial and gestural motor behavior in the investigation field. She carries out consultations in staff selection, employee evaluation and motivation assessment for major businesses and multinational companies.

Researcher: she develops experimental research activities devising new techniques and methodologies. She is the author of “Ti leggo in volto”, the first Italian publication dedicated to the scientific analysis of facial expressions. From 2007 to 2012 she collaborated with the Neuroscience Department of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CRNS) of Strasbourg.


Adjunct University Professor: She taught in different Universities including:

  • 2010-2013: University of Trieste, Medical Sciences Department;
  • 2015: University of Salento, for the KHIRA Master’s project;
  • 2015: University of Studi Link Campus, for the Master’s in behavioral analysis and sciences applied to intelligence;
  • She’s a dissertation assistant advisor for the Master’s in Psychology at University of Trieste.

Education: Postgraduate courses in behavioral analysis involving stays abroad with major experts in the nonverbal behavior field; Ph.D in Medicine with a Psychological orientation – University of Trieste; Master’s degree in Personality Psychology – University of Ljubljana; Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences – University of Trieste.

Meet Our Team

Psychologists, Neuroscientists, HR consultants:

Jessica Vascotto
Federica Vogliobene
Silvia Fasciano
Ersilia Maria Tuosto
Federica Vogliobene
Patrizio Caini

Delfina Cupini


Filippo Garofalo
Domenico Buono
Ludovica Pampaloni

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