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The NCS methodology for forensics

Our methodology allows us to find more information from behavior in investigative interview and in interrogation. More specifically allows:

  • Establish relationship of interaction with the interlocutor that allows to the professional to understand effectively verbal and non-verbal communication contents

  • Acquire more information regarding the session with the interlocutor or the situation under investigation.

  • Understanding the reasons for certain emotional-behavioral state more easily through the observation and interpretation of non-verbal and para-verbal language.

  • Gathering faster the topics that deserve to be investigated more carefully.

  • Optimize the results of the interview or examination through the formulation of targeted questions;

  • Formulate the overall declarative reliability judgment

Application contexts

How does it work?

    1. Videotaping of the interview is advisable;

    2. The analysis may involve several interdependent communication channels (facial expressions, gestures and body movements, posture, spatial behavior, non-verbal vocalizations and so on);

    3. The non-verbal signals, that accompany the speech, are potential indicators of declarative unreliability: these can be detected through integrated systems of coding and decoding behavior and simultaneous analysis of verbal and non-verbal language.

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Accurate, time-saving and resources are only some of the benefits which are the results of applying the NeuroComScience methodology based on rigorous scientific studies.

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