Activities in major corporate and institutional entities. The mission of the organization is to propose innovative techniques and methods for the analysis of non-verbal communication, scientifically validated. These indeed bring benefits to the structures in terms of precision and resource saving. The consultancy requests for video analysis, direct observation, and training come from various fields:

NCS Criminologia

Personnel Selection

Allows for a more precise understanding of the candidate and to anticipate future behavior in the workplace. We conduct consultancy in selection companies specialized in top and middle management, as well as in Italian and foreign companies. We have developed specific guidelines and procedures for this application.

NCS Selezione del personale

Employee Motivation

Changing the mental attitude of the employee for well-being and greater productivity through the use of verbal and non-verbal expressions. Using the NeuroComScience methodology, results are achieved in a very short time.


Die NeuroComScience-Methode kann helfen, friedliche und kooperative Arbeitsgruppen zu strukturieren, in denen die Mitglieder für die gleichen Unternehmensziele kämpfen.


Verification of the reliability of statements, detection of incongruent behaviors in interviews, interrogations. 

Our clients include:



private individuals.


  • Neuromarketing: to enhance the emotional impact of products to be launched on the market. We conduct analyses for market research leaders.
  • Leadership:tools that increase consensus. Our clients include managers and politicians who wish to optimize persuasive communication, consensus, and negotiation.
  • Sales and Negotiation, Developing relational skills to enhance outcomes..
  • Clinical and Educational Field.
  • Emotional Enhancement School.
  • Mental Training.

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