Course on the Scientific Analysis of Facial Expressions

The distance learning course is practical, intensive, and comprehensive on the TECHNIQUES and METHODS for analyzing facial expressions.

At the end of the course you’ll be able to...


the interpretation of facial emotional expressions with accuracy


the description of facial changes objectively


various types of expressions from micro-expressions to very subtle expressions


facial expression reading to your field of interest

Course Program

The topics of the program aim to provide the participant with theoretical and practical skills.

Theoretical Part

Complete theoretical and technical explanation of the functioning of techniques and methods that allow for the reliable reading and interpretation of facial expressions.
Targeted and Tested Practical Exercises

During the course, numerous exercises in analysis and interpretation of facial expressions are carried out to learn the techniques of encoding and decoding.

In the final hours of the course, an exam is conducted to verify the use of the methodology. This is included in the cost of the course.
Qualified Instructors

Highly qualified behavioral analysts in non-verbal analysis, with strong experience in the corporate, institutional, and private sectors, and notable academic qualifications. Read their CVs in theAbout Us
  • How to use scientific analysis techniques for facial expressions
  • Basic guidelines for objectively interpreting behaviors
  • How to conduct the analysis of various channels of non-verbal behavior
  • What science says about lying
  • Methods for scientific analysis of facial expressions compared
  • What information can be derived from reading facial expressions
  • Exercises
  • How to conduct scientific analysis of facial expressions of the upper part of the face.
  • Forehead, eyebrows, eyes. Coding of independent movements and in combination. How to compile the list of upper face expressions and their meaning.
  • Raising and lowering the eyebrows – 4, lifting the inner forehead – 1, lifting the outer forehead – 2, raising the upper eyelids – 5, tightening the eyelids – 7, lifting the cheeks – 6, eyes closed – 43, blinking – 45, closing one eye – 46.
  • Exercises on photos and videos
  • How to systematically observe the lower part of the face
  • Wrinkling the nose – 9, raising the upper lip – 10, lifting the chin -17, lowering the corners of the mouth – 15, parting the lips – 25, lowering the jaw – 26, yawning – 27, lowering the lower lip – 16, tensing the lips – 20, dimples – 14. Interpretation of individual movements and combinations.
  • Exercises on photos and videos


  • What are the meanings of lip expressions
  • Accentuating the nasolabial fold – 11, raising the corners of the mouth – 12.
  • Prominent cheeks – 13. Combinations.
  • Pursing the lips -18, protruding the lips – 22, tension and closure of the lips – 23, pressing the lips – 24, sucking the lips – 28
  • The nuances of emotional meaning.
  • Exercises on photos, videos, and direct observation.
  • From six to eight basic emotional expressions
  • Secondary or social emotions
  • Conversation signals
  • Applications of scientific analysis of facial expressions in specific fields.
  • Exercises on photos, videos, and direct observation.

Consists of a practical analysis test to verify the use of the methodology.


We guarantee individual learning through the limited number of participants per course


There are 10 places available per edition, to ensure the highest quality. Write to us, we will give you an answer within 24 hours.


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