Scientific Analysis of Gestures Course

In this advanced course, you will learn: advanced facial decoding, the analysis of motor gestures behavior, procedures for video and direct observation analysis.This is a hands-on, intensive course. Upon conclusion, the participants will be able to:



the interpretation tactics with maximum reliability to read the facial and body language;



Body Coding System, a body language technique that consists of classification and interpretation of movements;



the tactics of interpretation of facial signals, motor gestures and non-verbal aspects of interpretation;


the guidelines and protocols in techniques for detection of lies.

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Course Programme

ISFE Technique

  • Structure the interpretation tactics of facial analysis with maximum dependability.
  • Classify the movements in relevant categories
  • Differentiate conversation signs from the ones related to emotions.
  • Adopt interpretive structure for complex expressions.
  • Exercises with all types of soft, muffled micro expressions using interpretive tactics.
  • Verification test with photo and video analysis using ISFE technique.

Body Coding System Technique

  • Identify singularities in motor gesture behavior.
  • Analyze the channels of motor gestures.
  • Identify universal micro movements of emotion
  • Interpret thoughts’ direction with the analysis of illustrators
  • Exercises for identification and interpretation of posture and motor gestures behavior.
  • Verification test: photo and video analysis using Body Coding System Technique.
  • Integration of non-verbal channels and guidelines for analysis procedure.
  • Integration of all information derived from non-verbal channels.
  • Compare verbal and non-verbal behavior.
  • Recognize incongruences.
  • Set up the structure of video analysis in order to recognize the reliability of statements.
  • Choose the devices for direct observation.


We accept maximum 15 persons per course in order to guarantee individual learning.


Highly qualified instructors with academic titles in non-verbal behavior, with vast experience in companies, institutions and private businesses.

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