Master in Analysis of Non-verbal Behavior

A complete and intensive specialized Master that provides the participants with professional tools for non-verbal analysis which enables you to understand better other people. The graduate from the Master Course is capable of analyzing, with specific methods and techniques, the non-verbal behavior and communication using direct observation or video recording. The Master graduate can extract the significance of facial expressions, motor gestures and voice, knows how to obtain more information from a conversation and is able to use these techniques in various sectors.

Programme structure

Classroom training (64 hours)

Practical training in small groups (30 hours)

Supervised practice and exercises (40 hours)

Preparation for final test (20 hours)

Final test


Structure training

Module 1 (2 days, 12 hours)

  • Techniques and methods of facial analysis
  • Aim: the participants will be able to use the facial coding system
  • Certification test in facial analysis proficiency.

Module 2 (2 days, 12 hours)

  • Techniques and methods of motor gestures behavior analysis
  • Aim: the participants will be able to integrate the reading of face and body and will be able to use the analysis of motor gestures.
  • Certification test in motor gestures analysis proficiency.

Module 3 (2 days, 12 hours)

  • Video analysis and direct observation.
  • Aim: in this intensive training, the participants will learn the tools for video analysis and guidelines for direct observation

Module 5 (1 day, 8 hours)

  • Keynote lecture with the world expert consultant in the field from the collaborating lab
  • Aim: allow participants to get to know and interact with other authorities in the field.  The participants will have the opportunity to present the final paper.

Module 4 (2 days, 12 hours)

  • Procedures for advanced direct observation in specific sectors.
  • Aim: the participants will be able to apply these advanced techniques to be used in specific sectors, such as investigative, corporate, clinical, educational.


BELGIUM: Bruxelles
SLOVENIA: Ljubljana
ITALY: Milano and other cities


To inquire about the schedule of Master 2017 and 2018 please contact us. We will answer promptly.

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